The starting point in the Black Ravioli range. The BR.Pad is now at Generation 3 where integration with both the equipment and the support surface has been improved.

They allow for a progressive application into a system as funds allow and importantly they are never redundant. As you upgrade they can simply be moved to another position in the system, or to a whole new use such as visual.

The BR.Pad is designed to fit directly on to the base of equipment and accessories such as power supply boxes. They can also be used on the base of speaker stands and small column speakers when placed on a solid base.

They can be used in this way under laptop computers that are being use as music servers.

The BR.Pads are pre loaded for better efficiency and have nominally 1 mm of additional compression available to allow for settling of the equipment.

41.5 x 41.5 x 11mm (10mm fully compressed)

BR.Pad RRP £24 per pad
£20 ex-VAT