10 November 2022

Customer review of Record Ground

Review of Black Ravioli Record Ground I have been using Black Ravioli products for 15 years, always with good results in sound reproduction, from Pads, Plates and Risers. I mainly listen to vinyl, in the past I have tried record weights and clamps, with no great improvements to the music. Probably tried most weeks since […]

26 February 2020

Customer review

I’m pleased to say that I’m very impressed with the improvement brought about by the BR.Black Hole USB module. Those improvements are probably amongst the most cost effective I’ve experienced. Consequently, I will be purchasing another. Kind regards Mike H

26 June 2014

Munich 2014 video

Congratulations to Triode, Kronos and Acoustic Zen, show winners at High End Munich 2014. All used Black Ravioli products. www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LT24a8qMJQ

5 November 2013

Denver Rocky Mountain 2013

Black Ravioli on demonstration at the Denver Rocky Mountain High End Show 2013. www.parttimeaudiophile.com/2013/11/06/rmaf-2013-acoustic-zen-and-triode-corp-of-japan/

27 August 2012

Tone Audio Magazine Review

Black Ravioli Big Foot Entirely squishy, the Big Foot pads work somewhat differently than the Strange Attractors, but made a huge difference for the better underneath almost every vacuum tube component we placed them. Backgrounds became darker, offering more low level resolution in the process. The more resolving your system, the greater your chance of your […]

12 November 2011

Brutus Award 2011

We have just been awarded a prestigious Brutus Award for 2011 for our BR.Big Feet range from Positive Feedback magazine. Visit website >

12 October 2011

Inner Ear Magazine October 2011

I believe that the use of Black Raviolis will enhance all (high-end) systems with a more relaxed musical performance, adding additional spaciousness, better-defined imagery and focus. This is pasta to behold and a real effective way to improve everything audio — and don’t forget BRs also work for video. Read full review >

11 October 2011

Positive Feedback October 2011

These are marvels at releasing the true potential of one’s system. I feel like I am listening to a new system… one that is WAY better at what I want in every respect. They just make the sound… sound right. Read the Review >

22 September 2010


Review in Holland’s leading hi-fi magazine (in Dutch). Read full review >

12 July 2010

Enjoy the Music

Unlike most equipment which needs a break-in period to hear their properties, the Big Feet showed their qualities immediately. It wasn’t the so-called removal of veils heard with many other tweaks, but a tightening of the image such that individual instruments and voices became more focused, and the soundstage took on more feeling of space. […]

12 June 2010

Inner Ear Magazine

The Black Raviolis will be a revelation to all those who truly think their system doesn’t need improving. The BRs aren’t a tweak that modifies or mutates the sound of a system so they won’t improve an inadequately performing set-up. Rather, they are to be used to heighten the performance of a system that has […]

12 May 2010

Positive Feedback

The Black Raviolis are rather special in how they impart on the music a great sense of ease and natural ‘flow’… nothing is rushed, nothing is spot lit… The Black Raviolis do more to remove issues or problems that obscure the music than to add or push anything onto the music in the sense of […]

12 August 2009

Blue Note Award

Black Ravioli are extremely pleased to learn that a prestigious Best of 2009 Blue Note Award in the Accessory category has been awarded to our BR.PADS and BIG FEET. The award was announced by Stephen Rochlin, Editor of Enjoy The Music.com, at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 in Denver and we would like to […]