10 November 2022

Customer review of Record Ground

Review of Black Ravioli Record Ground

I have been using Black Ravioli products for 15 years, always with good results in sound reproduction, from Pads, Plates and Risers.

I mainly listen to vinyl, in the past I have tried record weights and clamps, with no great improvements to the music. Probably tried most weeks since the mid 70s.

Trying the Record Ground was a revelation from the first needle drop. Every piece of music was presenting its self like never before, clearer, more spacious.

Instruments sound more alive, backgrounds are closer. My wife thought I had changed the cartridge, so it must be different.

Every album played is like hearing them anew, as there is so much more music to be found in the groove. This product is magic to the ears.

John Snedden, Scotland
August 2022