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When you receive your BR product you can install it in your system right away and to notice a change in your system response. However, you should allow about four hours at room temperature before you consider any critical assessment of the product in your system.

The relationship between the BR product and your system will gradually develop and improve over another 24hrs. It is totally system dependant, but the system may continue to improve over an extended period which could extend into weeks of operation.

BR Pads

The working load capability of a single BR Pad we now set at 15kg. A pad will take considerably more load than that but above that level we recommend that it is better to spread the total load of the equipment by adding one or two addition pads.

The simple answer is what works best in your system. The latest version of the pads is the eight iteration, during which time we have addressed various issues associated with the surfaces that the BR.Pads interface with, and the direction which presents the dominant source.

There is no simple answer, but the final iteration of the BR.Pads, is the best all round solution we have achieved, but you do have to choose the orientation.

BR Modules

The modules utilise our proprietary Eflos system to dissipate the unwanted energy. The modules are passive and are positioned off-line where they act as direct drains to purge energy out of the system. Their role is different to active filters and conditioners that by definition focus on changing the state of the system from an in-line position. The three internal zones of the Power Modules are segregated and no current flows inside the module, hence different levels of voltage do not impact on operation or performance.

The only way we believe you should listen to our products is in your own system and the 30 day money back guarantee is available to you for that purpose.

We have checked out numerous mains cable during the development of the BR. Black Hole Modules with varying results. The type of cable we found to be our preference had a high conductor count and was generally of copper.

The better the grade of copper, the better the cable rule tended to apply, but it was not necessarily shielded. Remember we are using the cable as part of a drain and as such it does not need to follow the length rules for mains cables that are used to conduct power, but it does have to conform to the safety regulations for power delivery.

Currently we have left the choice open to you.

We do intend to specify our own drain focused cable for the BR.Black Hole Mains Modules in the near future.

During the development of the Black Hole modules it was obvious that one solution did not fit all applications, or specific aspects of individual systems.

We conducted trials to ascertain a sensible maximum volume for a single function and then developed the range we now present. We believe this gives enough scope and options to address most requirements.

There is no precise rule as to what configuration of modules works best, since it is a function of the individual equipment and available capacity to mitigate the noise, please read our BR.Black Hole Effect for further information.


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