The range includes standard plan size platforms and product specific solutions.

Bases are available in one , three and four layer configuration. The function of the Base is to capture and direct energy efficiently to various configurations of BR Pads.

For BR.Base 3 and 4 the plate elements are suspended to further separate the equipment from the supporting  surface.

All options use BR Pads between the bottom of the equipment and the top surface of the Base to decouple the equipment and dissipate transmitted energy.


A Base 3 accepts components up to 20kg weight on four feet support

A Base 4 accepts components up to 30kg weight on four feet support


Works with standard supports, racks and furniture to give enhanced performance plus a solutions can be implemented over time from a single component right up to a complete system.

BR.Base 3 layer with
4 BR.Big Pads RRP £900
440 x 360 x 18mm
£750 ex-VAT

BR.Base 4 layer with
4 BR.Big Pads RRP £1050
440 x 360 x 23mm
£875 ex-VAT

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