Black Ravioli power module

Power Ground v2

Power Ground

The Power Ground v2 should be applied to either the first socket after the inlet on the distribution board or if it is used in conjunction with a Power Conditioner, straight into the spare on the supply wall socket. It is not suitable for plugging into power outlets on a Power Conditioner.

The Power Ground v2 unit has been subjected to a comprehensive design review during 2020-21.

A programme of commissioning has been conducted where performance, functionality and compliance have been assessed for the different power infrastructure in the UK, the USA, Canada, Japan and Europe. Despite the differences in infrastructure design and geographic location, the commissioning confirmed that comparable performance was obtained using the Power Ground v2 product for all the domains. Specific issues were tested, and any assumptions validated by design improvement.

Note. The power ground function is separate and independent to the power galvanic earth which must always be maintained.

The unit has dissipation capacity in two segregated and separated volumes plus a much more complex interface array to give improved dispersion within the unit. A two-core lead designed to optimise the transfer of energy is provided. The unit does not interface with the live (hot) supply. The live terminal is disabled at the unit connection so no current can flow into the unit if a standard power lead is applied.

The unit can be setup for single plug into the equipment power plug bar or split between the plug bar and a spare wall plug socket. When the power supply is treated the digital signal elements also benefit from a reduction in interference via their power supply.