“These are marvels at releasing the true potential of your system. I feel like I am listening to a new system… one that is way better at what I want in every respect. They just make the sound… sound right.”

Positive Feedback Magazine

Black Ravioli is a component support system that applies separation, capture and dissipation methods that mitigate negative influences to bring you even closer to the music.



The versatility of Black Ravioli means that it works with all types of audio and visual systems. The product range has something for a modest system and the very best at the high end.



Congratulations to Triode Corporation, Acoustic Zen and Kronos on your Munich High End Show 2014 awards.  Black Ravioli products were used to support all the equipment.



I believe that the use of Black Ravioli will enhance all (high-end) systems with a more relaxed musical performance, adding additional spaciousness, better-defined imagery and focus.
Inner Ear Magazine