Record revolution

Moving the boundary of performance for vinyl reproduction – the all new Record Ground addresses interference on the surface of the record. It’s not a record puck, it’s not a clamp, it’s not a weight, it is different…

I like it! The sound is easier to hear and is natural. You can feel the symbolic effect of BR products. It’s quiet and spacious.”

Customer review, October 2022

Put the Ground on the Record

The Record Ground only interfaces with the record – it is free on the turntable spindle and requires no additional alignment or mass loading.

I have been using this product for a number of weeks now… there’s a very positive improvement in several aspects, notably an increase in coherence in the bass and more focus. Not the cheapest upgrade I’ve made, but very worthwhile indeed.

Customer review, October 2022

Perfect performance

The Record Ground constrains the rate of change of the energy, thereby limiting its effect on the signal in real time. This gives a clearer, quieter and more expansive response, with lower interference being taken into signal processing.

“It’s for real – when playing a cut from a record I’ve owned since new, 50 years. Adding the Record Ground I hear more detail and improved attack.”

Customer review, October 2022

Play now, pay later

Try the Record Ground in your system for 30 days with our money back guarantee and spread the cost with Pay in 3 from PayPal (where available).