The Black Ravioli System uses combinations of metal, polymers and high modulus reinforcements to both collect and dissipate energy that can present a threat to the performance of an audio or visual system.

The original Black Ravioli pad, which we introduced nearly ten years ago, provided a simple solution to address the impact of harmful energy on the performance of system components. The original is now discontinued, however the concept they presented remains and has received much accolade from independent reviewers, and the public.

With the benefit of feedback about the original BR Pad we continued to develop and expand on the basic concept. The Pad, Big Pad and Riser products now form the current generation of BR. They added more functionality and capacity options to the same basic concept to dissipate energy from components.

These Black Ravioli products retain the essential DNA of from the original Black Ravioli pads. They incorporate additional separation and collection features that improve system integration.