Black Ravioli products have a unity of purpose that give you more enjoyment and pleasure from your audio system. The products are designed to constrain interference in the form of noise in real-time during system operation.

Black Ravioli, Loch Lomond

The Record Ground is a stand-alone solution to mitigate energy in the form of noise on the surface of the record.

The System Ground products are applied to power, signal and support functions where there are both common and discreet interfaces to the electrical system. In each case energy is grounded, acquired, transferred and allowed to dissipate within our proprietary designs. To prevent feedback into the system the process is passive and in parallel to the system in operation.

Where appropriate the designs apply diversity using separation and segregation to ensure that they do not introduce a single point of failure that could potentially damage your system. Each product addresses specific aspects of the system and are intended to be applied to the power and signal aspects relative to their influence in real-time. Our recommendation is to apply products high in the order of the system operating events, e.g. 1. Power, 2. CD, Streamer, Phono, 3. Pre-amp.

“Adding the Record Ground it goes to another plane – this is in your face better. ”

Customer review, October 2022

Interference is addressed at component level by rule; however, we consider the effect much further in order to control confusion, disorder and randomness in real-time. Our goal is an extended musical response, not just lower noise.

To explain, when your system is switched off or is in standby mode, it has low energy. The level of energy increases as the system responds to changes in programme level. The energy is mechanical, electrical and thermal in form. The surrounding components absorb most of this energy within the system parts during operation, with the remainder going to become interference(noise) of some sort in the system.

“It’s not a subtle improvement – more 3D soundscape in productions that are capable.”

Customer review, October 2022

The 2nd law of thermodynamics considers the interference as a phenomenon that has two distinct features, one it increases with time and two, it cannot be completely removed. Hence, while specific component noise levels may be reduced, the noise can escalate during operation to a point of high energy where the musical response becomes constrained, and the replay performance is degraded at both the equipment and system levels.

The impact of the phenomenon is prominent in the treble region during replay but is apparent at all stages of replay. Therefore it is important to note that high energy does not just mean high power. The phenomenon is just as apparent when transcribing a record as it is in the audible output of a large high power audio system.

Trying the Record Ground is the simplest way to appreciate how using grounding in this way brings improved musicality and fidelity, irrespective of the system complexity and cost.