The original BR.Pad, introduced fifteen years ago, provided a simple solution to address the impact of harmful energy. The original pad is now long discontinued. However, the ethos remains in the DNA of all our products.

Loch Lomond

The effect of Black Ravioli on the delivery of audio and visual programme, be it analogue or digital, is apparent irrespective of system size and cost. Although the end result will invariably be limited by the capability of individual equipment. The capture and render of the signal by equipment is dependent on minimising unwanted energy in the system.

To mitigate the impact of ‘unwanted energy’ both from the equipment and the operating system boundary has been our objective. In all of its forms the Black Ravioli products capture and dissipate unwanted energy to limit its effect on your audio or visual system.

This is a separate and different requirement to achieving compliance with the various edicts to control emissions from your equipment. That task is undertaken by the equipment manufacturers.

The energy in question is the product of many phenomenon, where there may be accepted justification for the application of mitigation in equipment design. In the context of an assembled and operating system, it is still subject to unresolved assumptions for both initiating and escalating events.

This is where we are focused.

Our task is to limit the effect of the unwanted energy, to a level where it does not constrain the rendition of recorded material by your system.

BR.Black Hole module case assembly

Noise has always been present, but it has escalated considerably since the onset of the digital era, to become a specific detriment to the performance and accuracy of Audio and Visual systems. Theoretically, it will manifest at frequencies way beyond the range of our hearing. This aspect becomes more obvious when the ‘noise’ is reduced, or ideally eliminated at a system level.

Laser etching BR.Black Hole casing


Sailforth was established in 1988 with the dual purpose of manufacturing and project management.

Black Ravioli came about following a challenge to build a composite Audio equipment table. The table worked fine, however when we subjected the concept to our own value analysis process, we concluded that most of the performance benefit could be derived from one aspect of the concept, along with a much simpler table.

Original BR.Pad, 2003-2007

The aspect we kept and developed, was what then became the original Black Ravioli Pad. The original pad is long discontinued, although the ethos it established has evolved through a number of iterations into the BR.Pads we sell today.

The same ethos has now been taken much further into our BR.Black Hole Signal and Power modules, which combined with the BR.Pads, can now provide a whole system solution for the removal of harmful energies during the render of both audio and visual programme material.

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